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Hot Chocolate Honey Mustard

You will be too as Coo coo for cocoa Mustard once you try it!

One of my best food experiences in Italy dates back to 2011. It was a hot summer August night in Senigallia where my family and I have been vacationing since I was a child.

The evening ended with an epic but simple meal at Cedroni’s Aniko, where the world renowned, 2 stars Michelin chef sells his seafood charcuterie. Simple setting, no frills. The food is the shining star.

That is where I “met” the chocolate mustard for the first time. Who could think of something like that? Smooth and rich, spicy or not, tastes great with any roasted meat or fish.

Since them I tried to reproduce it with cranberries, pear jam ….you name it.

Disarmingly easy and incredibly tasty!!

Makes a small 8oz jar

4 T packed light brown sugar

5 T Colman Mustard powder

3 T apple cider vinegar

1 T vegetable oil

1 T plus 1 t Honey

1 egg beaten

4 T Euphoria chocolate dark buttons chopped, or semi sweet chocolate not chips.

Blend all the ingredients to smooth with a blender, transfer to a double boiler.

Stirring constantly, bring to 160° and immediately remove from heat or egg will curdle. Let cool, stirring. Keeps 2 weeks refrigerated.

Warm up lightly before using. Keeps about 2 weeks tightly jarred and refrigerated. A little coo coo recipe, for cocoa lovers.

Mangia and enjoy!

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