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Double Chocolate Hamantaschen

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Hot Chocolate Honey Mustard

You will be too as Coo coo for cocoa Mustard once you try it!

One of my best food experiences in Italy dates back to 2011. It was a hot summer August night in Senigallia where my family and I have been vacationing since I was a child.

The evening ended with an epic but simple meal at Cedroni’s Aniko, where the world renowned, 2 stars Michelin chef sells his seafood charcuterie. Simple setting, no frills. The food is the shining star.

That is where I “met” the chocolate mustard for the first time. Who could think of something like that? Smooth and rich, spicy or not, tastes great with any roasted meat or fish.

Momona Recipe

Chocolate Amaretti Bonet

Bonet translates to “Hat” in Piedmont, in the northern part of Italy. It is named after the popular accessory because, like a hat, is the last thing one puts on before leaving the house. A dessert is also the last triumphant entree of a well done meal, just before the guests depart. The dessert originated in the1300 and did not include chocolate, which appeared in Europe only in the 16th century. The recipe I share today is called Sabauda because instead it does feature chocolate. It is easy to make, just a handful of ingredients, but rich in flavor. Hope you will love it, too. The dessert is baked “bain Marie” in a water bath so I use ceramic ramekins for easy unmolding.

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